Commercial Roof Repairs

On Demand

Our Service Department has over twenty workers dedicated exclusively to roofing repair and maintenance.  With 24/7 leak and emergency response, we will be there whenever and wherever needed.


We can customize our Quality Assurance Program (QAP) to your building’s specific needs. Learn More


In addition to traditional roofing applications, Riddiford Roofing can provide answers and expertise to roof challenges

Asbestos Abatement

Crews are trained and certified in safe, effective asbestos removal from existing roof conditions.

Phenolic Foam Remediation

Riddiford Roofing can treat and correct the corrosive effects of Phenolic Foam Roof Insulation (PFRI) over steel decking in any building.

Infrared Moisture Detection

Infrared scanning services are available to detect moisture within roof systems. This often results in cost-effective repairs rather than total roof replacement.

General Troubleshooting/Consultation

Riddiford Roofing specialists work in conjunction with professional roof consultants, architects and manufacturer representatives to handle all types of roof problems.